The State Duma approved the deficit federal budget for 2023-2025

In the third reading by the State Duma accepted law on the federal budget for 2023 and the planning period of 2024-2025. The document assumes a gradual reduction of the deficit from 2% to 0.7% of GDP.

“This budget is the most difficult in recent years. Sanctions, the development of the world economy is almost impossible to predict. The task in preparing the budget under such conditions is to provide for its flexibility and, at the same time, its reliability,” said Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the State Duma, commenting on the voting results.

In 2023, the deficit will be 2% of GDP, in 2024 - 1.4% of GDP, in 2025 - 0.7% of GDP. It is noted that the main source of covering the deficit will be government borrowing.

According to the document, budget revenues:

  • in 2023 - 26.13 trillion rubles;
  • in 2024 - 27.24 trillion rubles;
  • in 2025 - 27.98 trillion rubles.

Budget expenditures:

  • in 2023 - 29.056 trillion rubles;
  • in 2024 - 29.43 trillion rubles;
  • in 2025 - 29.24 trillion rubles.

According to Mr. Volodin, more than a third of the budget in 2023 will be directed to social spending.

Additional funds will be allocated for:

  • development of rural areas — 8 billion rubles;
  • development of electric surface public transport — RUB 9 billion;
  • connection of 1,800 small settlements to the Internet - 8 billion rubles;
  • organization of vocational training (2.5 billion rubles) and vocational education (2.7 billion rubles);
  • compensation payments to volunteers — 20 million rubles;
  • for the training of guide dogs for the visually impaired for two NGOs — 9 million rubles;
  • on scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation for young scientists and graduate students - 67.104 million rubles;
  • modernization of industry — more than 11 billion rubles;
  • support for military personnel - 53.6 billion rubles.

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