The resort sector of the Crimea has lost more than a third of income

The income of the Crimean tourism industry has decreased by almost a third due to interrupted flights and other logistical problems, said Vladimir Konstantinov, Chairman of the State Council of the Republic.

“In the resort sector for 9 months of this year, we have minus 29.5% with 6 million tourists. But this is due to objective reasons that hinder the development of the recreational sector. It is important here that this industry itself is preserved and modernized. This means that with the restoration of military-political stability, with the normal operation of transport, we have every reason to expect a breakthrough here, ”— wrote in his Telegram channel, Mr. Konstantinov.

The head of the state council of the republic also noted that over the past ten months, the Crimean budget received 57.9 billion rubles, which is 20% higher than last year, but at the same time, subsidies in excess of 134.4 billion rubles were allocated to the region from the federal budget. , which is 40 billion rubles. more than the same period last year. Thus, subsidies are almost two and a half times higher than the region's own income.

A year ago, according to the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Irina Kiviko, the region's revenues for 2022 predicted in the amount of 199.2 billion rubles, expenses - 202.1 billion rubles.

Alexander Dremlyugin, Simferopol

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