The project "Ticket to the Future" goes to the big exam

The “Ticket to the Future” project for early career guidance for schoolchildren appeared in 2018 as part of the work of the Agency for the Development of Skills and Professions (previously called WorldSkills Russia). The program consists of several “stages”: digital career guidance testing of schoolchildren in grades 6-11, acquaintance of children with potential employers at seminars and master classes, school visits to future possible places of work.

ticket to the future

All regions of the country participate in the project. And next Wednesday in Moscow, the premiere of the career guidance series "Ticket to the Future" will take place. The main characters of the film will be representatives of different specialties - doctors, engineers, scientists, financiers, journalists, actors, artists. In each series, teenagers will get acquainted with the personal history of a person's life and success.

As Ivan Esin, head of the Ticket to the Future project, noted, he hopes that the series will allow young people to look at work through the eyes of interested and successful people, symbols of their professions.

- To help schoolchildren decide on the choice of their future profession, we decided to talk to young people in perhaps the most popular language today - the language of TV shows. The heroes of the first season will be people who can motivate and inspire, share their drive and passion, ignite professional charisma. Perhaps it is difficult to find so many benefits and people who are not indifferent to their work in one project, - Ivan Esin noted.

Mona Platonov.

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