The project “Playlist Mosproducer | Music in the parks»

The project “Playlist Mosproducer | Music in the parks”, which supports artists of author's music. The tracks of the winners will be played in the largest parks of the capital and beyond throughout the summer season. They will also be placed in a thematic playlist on the Yandex Music service and on the VKontakte social network.

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Project “Playlist Mosproducer | Music in the Parks” has been giving artists a unique opportunity to present their creative work to park visitors and expand the audience of listeners for more than six years. And for residents and guests of the capital, music in the parks gives a good mood and a sense of celebration even on an ordinary weekday. The compositions of the winners complement the background music of the parks and make the leisure time of visitors more diverse. By launching the broadcast of the playlist on their territory, the parks act as a platform where the tracks of the artists find their listeners. So the creativity of musicians becomes part of the urban environment.

Performers of author's music of any styles and genres can become a participant in the project. To do this, you need to fill online application. The Mosproducer team will review all applications and determine the finalists, while music experts will select the winners' tracks.

“The MosProducer team is always glad to see talented guys and is open to support young artists. Become a part of the project "Playlist Mosproducer | Music in the Parks is another step towards creative development for everyone who wants to be heard and get the support of music experts. Traditionally, finalists' writings will be judged by label producers, popular artists, A&R managers and other leading industry representatives, which means that jury members' interest in individual artists can become a bonus. Undoubtedly, this will give impetus to the further development of talented musicians, their creative growth and access to a wider audience”, - told Director of the Moscow Production Center Andrey Petrov.

Residents and guests of the capital will be able not only to listen to the tracks of the winners during the walk, but also to shazam them for listening online. In addition, the compositions will be included in a thematic playlist on the Yandex Music streaming service and on the VKontakte social network. The passability of the capital's parks is high, the audience is diverse, so that each track will find its listener.

The performers who win in the special nominations will receive gifts from the project partners. So, within the framework of the last season, the winners of the project received 2 SOYUZ 1973 studio microphones, a subscription to Yandex Plus with Amediateka and a smart speaker Station Mini.

During the implementation of the project “Playlist Mosproducer | Music in the parks":

  • more than 8500 applications of participants;
  • over 550 winning tracks;
  • over 75,000 musicians reached;
  • over 90,000,000 listeners.

You can become a part of the project and sound in the parks of the capital this summer by filling out online application.

Among the participants of past seasons:

Andrey Grizzly and Leonid Agutin, M'Dee, Thomas Mraz, Naadya, Gee Baller, Anatoly Ice, Sisters, Nigativ, LOVANDA, MS Senechka, VACÍO.

All project news will be published on social networks Mosproducer In contact with and Telegramas well as on official website.


Moscow Producer Center is a multidisciplinary organization within the structure of the Moscow Department of Culture, which is engaged in project production of talented representatives of contemporary art, training in the field of show and art business, as well as social projects.

«Playlist Mosproducer | Music in the parks» has been implemented since 2016 by the Moscow Production Center with the support of the Moscow Department of Culture. The partners are Mosgorpark and Yandex Music. The project takes place twice a year - in winter and summer, now the 15th season has started. Until 2021, the project was called “Playlist #MosArtist | Music in the parks.

Photo by Yulia Smagrinskaya

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