The number of news in the Russian media in 2022 decreased by 7% - Kommersant

The number of news in the Russian media in 2022 decreased by 7% - Kommersant

The number of news content units in Russia decreased by 7% last year. Yulia Mikhailova, Director for Strategic Development of SCAN of the Interfax Group, spoke about this at the conference "Media space-2023: trends and transformations"organized by Kommersant Publishing House.

According to her, the number of business and economic news has fallen "much more", but the volume of social and political content has increased. “For obvious reasons,” Ms. Mikhailova added.

Last year, the top “generators of the agenda” changed, she continued: “The amount of news in federal sources has practically not changed, even, probably, has fallen. But regional sources have become much more active.” The representative of Interfax also said that in 2022 the leaders changed in the internal index of the group, which ranks news sources according to the “influence of the media presence”.

“Traditionally, the tops of this rating were news agencies - RIA Novosti, TASS, Interfax. Now aggregators are in the top. For example, Tsargrad-TV broke into the top 20 last year, which was quite unexpected. Quality sources - economic resources - have sharply lost their positions," Yulia Mikhailova specified.

According to her, people did not begin to read less media, which is fixed by all the “counters”, but at the same time, the people who read the media themselves also disappeared. “But the Telegram audience has grown significantly. If VK is the largest social network, and its audience continues to grow organically, then Telegram just “shot” last year. The media understand what is happening, and many have also started their own channels, but the coverage of anonymous channels is still higher,” Ms. Mikhailova summed up.

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