The Ministry of Justice recognized City Without Barriers LLC as a foreign agent

The Ministry of Justice entered the City without Barriers company, created by the sociologist and columnist Idel.Realii (recognized as a foreign agent) Iskender Yasaveev (recognized as a media agent as a foreign agent), into the register of media outlets that act as a foreign agent. The organization's activities are aimed at creating an accessible environment in Kazan.

Iskender Yasaveev made to the register of media-foreign agents on October 7. “In this case, we are talking about the conscientious fulfillment by the indicated individual of the requirements of the law established for persons included in the register and aimed at increasing the information transparency of their activities,” the statement says. explanation Ministry of Justice on the inclusion of LLC in the register.

On October 10, he was fired from his position as a senior researcher at the HSE Center for Youth Studies in St. Petersburg. Sociologist filed a lawsuit against the university, demanding to reinstate him in his position and pay compensation in the amount of 100 thousand rubles.

Iskender Yasaveyev collaborated with Radio Liberty (recognized as a foreign agent), carried out anti-war actions after February 24. On August 17, the sociologist's house was searched as part of a criminal case for public calls for terrorist activities.

Lusine Balasyan

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