The Ministry of Industry and Trade confirmed the closure of the Toyota plant in St. Petersburg

Like reported "b", Toyota stops production in Russia. The plant in Shushary St. Petersburg is closed. The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the city authorities are working on possible scenarios for the development of this site

“Toyota Motor Company closes the assembly site in the city of St. Petersburg. At the same time, it will ensure the fulfillment of all social obligations to the team, as well as significant additional compensation payments. In addition, the company will retain after-sales service for Toyota and Lexus vehicles and support for the dealer network,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade said in a statement.

According to Kommersant's information, Toyota was unable to arrange the supply of components to Russia. It is expected that the assembly site will be mothballed and possibly sold. It is also planned to optimize the Moscow office of the concern. According to Kommersant's sources, employees of the office and the plant will be offered increased compensation - from 12 salaries. Toyota has no plans to leave Russia yet.

More details - in the publication "Kommersant" "Toyota closes a plant in Russia".

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