The Ministry of Industry and Trade allowed the introduction of protective duties on sporting goods from unfriendly countries

The Russian authorities may impose protective duties on sporting goods shipped from unfriendly countries. Dmitry Kolobov, Director of the Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the Development of Industry and Socially Significant Goods, suggested considering such a measure.

“You can think about additional protective duties for products coming from unfriendly countries. Perhaps, for products that we can provide at a sufficient level on the territory of Russia, we should think over such duties,” Mr. Kolobov said during a round table meeting “Problems and prospects for the development of the domestic sports industry in modern conditions” (quoted by TASS).

After the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine, a number of Western sports brands, including Nike and Adidas, refused to cooperate with Russian athletes and left the local market. Most elements of sports equipment, in particular for team sports, are not produced in Russia and are supplied from abroad.

Andrey Sapozhnikov

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