The Ministry of Economy announced the re-indexation of utility tariffs in 2022

The Ministry of Economic Development reported that the indexation of tariffs for housing and communal services will take place eight months earlier than planned - on December 1, 2022. Thus, this year housing and communal services tariffs will be increased twice: the first indexation was on July 1, the second one on December 1.

The next indexation of tariffs, as noted in the department, is planned only in a year and a half - in July 2024. The ministry emphasized that the maximum level of indexation of housing and communal services tariffs from December 1 will not exceed 9%, and gas tariffs for households and industry will increase by 8.5%.

“The change in cost will affect cold and hot water, electricity, heat, gas and municipal solid waste ... the average monthly payment for one family of three per month ... will increase by 324 rubles, from July 1, 2024 - by 248 rubles per month month and from July 1, 2025 - by 221 rubles per month, ”the press release of the ministry says. The text clarifies that the final decision on the level of indexation should be made by the authorities of the subjects.

In July, the Ministry of Construction proposed to include in the tariffs for heat and water the costs of maintaining digital infrastructure, including the installation of smart meters. As then found out "Kommersant", the FAS opposed the change in the principles of settlements.

Andrey Sapozhnikov

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