The Ministry of Digital Development may deprive more than 10 thousand IT companies of accreditation

The head of the Ministry of Digital Development, Maksut Shadayev, said that out of 26.7 thousand IT companies accredited, more than 10 thousand did not timely submit their consent to the Federal Tax Service (FTS) to disclose tax secrets. According to Mr. Shadayev, the process of withdrawing the accreditation of these companies has already begun. He added that companies can re-apply for accreditation.

“Out of 26.7 thousand companies that had accreditation before the entry into force of the new government decree, 10.141 thousand companies did not submit their consent. De facto (process of deprivation of accreditation.— ''b'') has already begun,” Maksut Shadayev said on the sidelines of the Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning (quoted from TASS).

On September 30, the government approved a new procedure for accreditation of IT companies. In particular, in order to obtain accreditation, the average salary of employees must not be lower than the average salary in the region or country. The condition for accreditation of small companies is an income of more than 1 million rubles. All accredited companies had to send their consent to the disclosure of tax secrets to the Federal Tax Service by October 31.

Getting into the register of accredited companies became relevant for the IT sector, after the start of partial mobilization in Russia, employees of companies from the register could apply for a deferment from service. October 31 Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on the completion of the call as part of the mobilization.

Lusine Balasyan

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