The military commissar of the Irkutsk region said that those with limited fit are subject to mobilization

Citizens who have category “B” on their military ID (who did not serve in the army for health reasons) are subject to partial mobilization. This was announced today, September 23, at a press conference by the military commissar of the Irkutsk region Evgeny Fuzhenko.

“Such citizens also fall under mobilization, but last. Persons corresponding to the first and second categories of the reserve are subject to priority mobilization, ”the military commissar specified.

Yevgeny Fuzhenko also said that citizens who had previously participated on their own initiative in a special military operation on the territory of Donbass could also receive subpoenas. According to the military commissar, with partial mobilization on the territory of the Angara region, he expects "to cope with the first days of October."

About how the mobilization is going on in the regions - in the material "Who is called".

Vlad Nikiforov, Irkutsk

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