The film's end group began the dance of death

The film's end group began the dance of death

Seas of tears and oceans of suffering in the new rockers album

The End of Film group released their 9th numbered album this week. Nowadays, only real independent rockers can afford to release albums in non-cash time, in the summer, and on the most non-cash subject - death. As a result, everything that is contrary to the laws of the market just made this disc interesting and charismatic. In the brightest period of the year, ZD listens to the most gloomy rock album.

The disc is called "Unlived Days", it is dedicated to everything that did not take place or will not take place in life, as well as the favorite topic of the ancient Egyptians - death and everything connected with it. In terms of music and general style, this is classic Russian rock of a late spill (early 2000s) with a beautiful Baltic accent, and it is not for nothing that the soloist Evgeny Feklistov is from Estonia. The music here serves as a stylish, unobtrusive frame, but in fact the main emphasis is on the texts, which is typical for Russian rock, in which content usually wins over form. The album could be a bit too depressing considering the heavy topics it tackles. But the high notes and the indifferent mood in the soloist's voice do not allow him to finally fall into melancholy. In some songs there is something even completely Halloween, in the style of Tim Burton cartoons, with cheerful skeletons jumping on coffins.

“Probably, fear is ridiculous when the hours are numbered, the apocalypse has passed, you and I are dead. We stayed away from emotional wounds and dramas, everything is not so important to us when we are not in the world, ”all this is sung in such a perky voice of the author of the hits“ Youth in Boots ”,“ Yellow Eyes ”, the Russian remake of“ Alice ”, "Night, loneliness" ...

The theme of life and death runs through all 10 tracks. They are about the same thing: the desire to be loved, the hope for a new life (after the end of the old one, of course), a new destiny, a new chance, life as a short jump, but where? .. In these songs, a person is thrown into the world and flies into an incomprehensible reality, tearing off the already ingrown rose-colored glasses from the face, flies through dreams, the past, spring, dreams, the shadows of people, the crowd swarming in search of happiness, in which everyone believes that they must live.

As it turned out, the album's songs were written before 2022, and the saddest songs were written in the midst of a pandemic, so they reflect the feeling of the end of the world, and suffering from the sudden death of loved ones, and philosophical resignation to death, and relaxation in the face of imminent non-existence. For fans, the musicians explain on social networks that these songs “from today are perceived as scenarios, hopes and fears of a future that has not come.”

Some of the tracks from "Days Not Lived" were originally sketches for films that were never made. The touching composition “All that was kind” is dedicated to sound engineer Dmitry Dobry, whose life was suddenly cut short by covid. On this album, he worked on the sound of the songs "Concert", "Happiness" and "City", mixing the latter finished a week before his death.

On the cover is a smeared landscape that symbolizes the world in the window of a speeding train or car and the many opportunities missed in it, as people constantly rush past all this beauty, unable to stop. Perhaps such a reminder is even quite timely at the beginning of summer, when it seems that there are still so many warm days ahead and everything can be done. But in September it suddenly turns out that, as usual, “summer has flown by, everything is left behind” ...

In general, the album came out stylish, with meaning and a bitter smile - in the spirit of the End of Film band of the times when it was fresh and very popular. It is impossible not to joke, of course, that this is a sad movie and at the end of the movie everyone died. But something tells us that in these concentrated dances of death, everything is controlled by an irresistible thirst for life and a stormy pulsation of spring.

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