The Federation Council approved an increase in excise taxes on cigarettes and vapes

Federation Council approved amendments to the Tax Code, raising excise taxes on cigarettes by 2% from March 1, on liquid and tobacco for vapes - by 11%. At the same time, the law cancels the excise tax on electronic nicotine delivery systems and devices for heating tobacco.

Excises on liquids for vapes from March 1 to December 31, 2023 will increase to 20 rubles. per milliliter, for 2024 - up to 21 rubles, for 2025 - up to 22 rubles. Now excises on liquids for vapes for 2023 are set at the level of 18 rubles. per milliliter, for 2024 - 19 rubles, for 2025 - 20 rubles.

For tobacco for heating, the excise tax will increase to 8669 rubles. in 2023, 9016 rubles. in 2024 and 9377 rubles. in 2025 (per kilogram). Now such tobacco has an excise tax of 839 rubles, 8153 rubles. and 8479 rubles. per kilogram, for vapes and devices for heating - 64 rubles, 67 rubles. and 70 rubles. per item, respectively.

The excise tax on cigarettes and cigarettes is increased this year to 3,536 rubles. for 1 thousand pieces, for 2024 - up to 3678 rubles, for 2025 - up to 3825 rubles. Now the excise tax on these tobacco products is set for 2023 in the amount of 3467 rubles. for 1 thousand pieces, for 2024 - 3606 rubles; for 2025 - 3750 rubles.

Whether it is necessary to tighten the responsibility for the trade in counterfeit cigarettes - read the material "Illegal tobacco will bring to the point".

Anastasia Larina

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