The expert council of the Ministry of Culture will include deputies and child psychologists

From 2023, the expert council of the Russian Ministry of Culture for selecting scripts for children's films that apply for state support will include parents, teachers, child psychologists and deputies. This was announced by the director of the department of cinematography of the ministry Dmitry Davidenko.

“There was a period when we lost children's cinema. The cinema that was in Soviet times, on which we grew up and screenwriters who know how to write scripts for children's films. Of course, now we are trying to make up for it all,” Mr. Davidenko said before the screening of the film “Cheburashka” in the State Duma (TASS quote).

Bill on full state financing of the production and distribution of national feature films for children and youth was approved by the State Duma in the first reading on December 15 last year.

It follows from the explanatory materials that the term “film for children and youth” means a work that corresponds “in terms of subject matter, content and artistic and stylistic decision to the physical, mental, spiritual and moral development of children under the age of 18 years”.

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