The ex-wife of the billionaire and Senator Malkin caught the ex-wife of a child psychologist in the arms

The ex-wife of the billionaire and Senator Malkin caught the ex-wife of a child psychologist in the arms

Now the independence of the involved specialist from the capital's state center in family proceedings is in question

In the family scandal of ex-senator Efim Malkin, spicy photos appeared. After he filed a lawsuit, he tried to take his daughter away by visiting his ex-wife in the company of a bailiff and an independent psychologist. And after the visit, the billionaire was seen in an embrace with the latter - an employee of the family center at the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Moscow.

Recall that quite recently, businessman Efim Malkin took his daughter for the weekend and kept the child with impunity for a week in excess of the time allotted earlier by the court. And the other day, a former senator from Chukotka, who is called a partner of Roman Abramovich, filed a lawsuit with the Presnensky District Court of Moscow.

As it turned out later, shortly before the appeal, the once richest member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation (he was recognized as such after the publication of official declarations) registered in one of his apartments in this area. Now the billionaire is asking the court to determine the place of residence of his daughter together with his father, to oblige the mother to pay alimony and to allow the child to go with him to France without the consent of the mother. The author of the document refers to the formal performance of parental duties by the mother, with whom, for a moment, the girl lives all her life, and the alleged lack of great care and attention to the child.

As the ex-wife of Efim Malkin, Anastasia Gulynskaya, told MK, the other day, a delegation from an employee of the Bailiffs Department No. 3 in the Central Administrative District, a psychologist from the Family Center under the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Moscow, Veronika Alexandrova, came to her apartment in the center of Moscow. Also, Efim Malkin was present there, who asks Themis to give him his daughter and allow him to unilaterally take the child to France.

The dispute over the claim of the billionaire is in full swing. Therefore, a psychologist was allowed into the apartment, who, instead of talking to the child, tried to convince the mother to give the girl to her father. When nothing worked out for her, she simply left, without even exchanging a few words with the baby. True, after some time, Veronika Stepanovna (that is the name of the psychologist) nevertheless returned and talked with the daughter of Anastasia Gulynskaya and Efim Malkin. In such a tense environment, a 7-year-old girl categorically refused to go to her father with an overnight stay outside her home.

When Anastasia Gulynskaya was already taking the psychologist downstairs, she accidentally witnessed that the allegedly independent specialist allows herself to be hugged (literally) by Efim Malkin. Right in the courtyard of the house where our interlocutor lives with her daughter.

The woman captured the picture on a mobile camera: a smiling specialist was actively discussing something with the billionaire, standing with him in an embrace. And next to him "hands in trousers" was an employee of the 3rd OSP. The photograph is an excellent illustration of the attitude of individual representatives of state bodies towards the interests of the child, which, regardless of anything (or anyone), should come first. This begs the question: how admissible is the distance at which the psychologist and the bailiff admitted one of the parties to the dispute? Now, perhaps, their leadership and competent authorities will pay attention to this.

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