The decision to complete the mobilization is made by the President of the Russian Federation

Mobilization can be completed only by decision of the President, the portal says "Explaining.rf". So they answered the question of whether a citizen could be called up after the head of his region announced the completion of mobilization.

The site also explained that men dismissed from military service under a contract for not fulfilling its conditions are subject to mobilization, since they are in the reserve.

According to Art. 19 of the Law "On Mobilization", the terms for calling up reservists are set by the Russian Armed Forces.

Earlier, Deputy Military Commissar of Moscow Maxim Loktev said that information about the timing of mobilization was not disclosed, at the moment everything is going according to plan.

In early September, Vladimir Putin called the goal of the special operation the elimination of the anti-Russian enclave in Ukraine. Today he called on the Ukrainian side to start negotiations. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that he will not negotiate with Russia as long as the president is Mr. Putin. He also said that Ukraine has applied for NATO membership.

About what happens after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine - in online broadcasts "b".

Polina Sobakina

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