The courts satisfied claims for subsidiary liability for 18 banks for 388 billion rubles.

In the first six months, Russian courts satisfied claims for subsidiary liability for 18 banks in the amount of 388 billion rubles. Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) statistics on conferences “Kommersant” “Criminal and subsidiary liability of owners and management: results of the year 2022” was cited by the managing partner of Igumnov Group, arbitration manager Dmitry Igumnov.

“That is, approximately $6.5 billion. Is it a lot or not? If we compare it with the budget of Georgia, which, with a population of 4 million people, earns $4.2 billion a year into the budget, then in principle it is clear that people are quite creative and creative in how to use money and do it efficiently and effectively,” Mr. Igumnov said.

The insolvency practitioner also responded to a question whether he believes the regulator has succeeded in "cleaning up the market" given that there have not been many reports of revoking banking licenses in recent years. “The banking sector has been cleaned quite tightly. This was due to the fact that many bankers worked with, let's say, several banks. As a rule, one bank went into bankruptcy and was associated with five or six banks through which money was also withdrawn. In my opinion, now the sector is cleared. The shocks next year will probably be more related to economic factors. If the economy collapses - some kind of mortgage bubbles or something - then the banks will fall further. But so far there is no such thing,” Mr. Igumnov said.

Starting from the new year, a number of indulgences introduced against the backdrop of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will be canceled for Russian banks. In general, both banks and experts agree that the extension of easing in one form or another is necessary.

On the situation in the banking market - in the material "Kommersant" "Freeze won't go away".

Leonid Uvarchev

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