The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is waiting for shocks: Zelensky's team against the imposed US candidacy

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is waiting for shocks: Zelensky's team against the imposed US candidacy

This autumn, serious personnel changes may take place in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. A replacement for the current Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal is being prepared. Even the names of the proposed "changers" are already known. According to our information, this is none other than Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, 32-year-old Mikhail Fedorov. His "understudy" may be the Minister of Infrastructure, 40-year-old Alexander Kubrakov. Both contenders for the leadership chair are the best fit for Volodymyr Zelensky and the head of his presidential office, Andriy Yermak.

The collective West is determined to promote the candidacy of 69-year-old Viktor Yushchenko. The more than twofold age difference between the pro-American and pro-presidential candidates, in Washington's opinion, is an obvious plus for the future prime minister. For the US, politicians aged 70+ are a well-established tradition. From the point of view of the Americans, the unsullied biography of Viktor Yushchenko will beat the very difficult life of Mikhail Fedorov. He managed, despite his young age, to light up in several criminal scandals.

Connection with Anisim: what else is the young vice-premier famous for?

In order to successfully present Fedorov as an official suitable for the role of head of government, his team is now molding the boss the image of “our Ukrainian Steve Jobs.” Any critical materials and remarks about Fedorov on the Internet are instantly cleaned up. PR-political technologists present him as a young creative innovator, creator of the unique digital product "Diya".

In the social network, Fedorov does not hide: the Diya portal he created with 19 million users, 14 documents and 30 services on Ukrainian smartphones in 2024 can be used in the next presidential and parliamentary elections. Of course, the extreme concentration of all kinds of databases in "Die" in one service is conceived solely for the purpose of the digital transformation of Ukraine, bringing the post-Soviet republic to a dominant position in the world coordinate system. It should never occur to anyone that behind these lofty words and pure thoughts there might be some kind of trick...

However, the candidate for prime minister has a difficult biography. One of the facts that is not advertised now is the reckless participation of Fedorov in some kind of fraudulent enterprise to rid the women of the Dnieper region from cellulite. The role of a talented programmer was to "scatter" colorful information on the Web about the activities of the Zaporozhye medical company, which allegedly invented an effective way to combat obesity.

The investigation team considered Fedorov one of the key characters in the criminal proceedings opened against the ladies who were engaged in mass brainwashing and shamelessly extorting large sums of rascals from them. Mikhail Fedorov became "not allowed to travel abroad" for several months of the investigation. And he was ready to bear criminal responsibility for the use of "illegal methods of psychological influence."

The techniques used by Fedorov during the anti-cellulite story turned out to be very effective during the election campaign of presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky. The grateful winner of the presidential race did not remain in debt. Under Fedorov, they came up with a new ministry.

Soon, in September 2019, a provincial programmer who moved from Zaporozhye to Kyiv got into a new scandal. Fedorov initiated the bill "On Electronic Communications". The document provided for a ban on the free sale of SIM-cards. Any citizen, buying a tariff plan, was obliged to conclude an agreement with a Ukrainian operator. Those of the devices whose IMEI codes were not included in a special register, the document authored by Mikhail Fedorov suggested blocking. The bill stirred up public opinion so much that even the presence in the Verkhovna Rada of the notorious mono-coalition headed by the Servants of the People did not help its further movement. The document was recalled in disgrace from the parliamentary secretariat. Well, Fedorov promised to remake the extremely unsuccessful bill, removing "controversial norms" from it.

Launched during Zelensky’s election campaign, digital technologies (in particular, a large number of bots that praised the merits of the candidate) were supported by Minister Fedorov with generous state funding. The activity of this highly paid stratum of Ukrainians in social networks is especially noticeable.

A few months before those elections, Fedorov's PR group pulled off a fraudulent combination with the closed group "Mikhail Saakashvili is our leader." The community with all the subscribers that existed in it was simply outbid. Well, since January 26, 2019, the group has become known as "Vladimir Zelensky - People's President." If this happened in the United States or in some civilized European country, law enforcement agencies would immediately take up bot farms that “flood” disinformation in favor of a person who, in fact, the participants in the Internet group did not even think of subscribing to. In Ukraine, such "black-technological" tricks always get away with Fedorov.

A separate chapter of the Zaporozhye period in the life of Mikhail Fedorov is his close collaboration with the notorious Yevgeny Anisimov. Criminal authority and "watcher" of the Zaporozhye region, wanted by Interpol. The details of this friendship were documented not only by the people of the chairman of the movement "We are with Russia" Volodymyr Rogov, but also by honest officers of the Main Directorate of the National Police of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye region. These servicemen understand: Zelensky is not eternal, and therefore compromising evidence on his team will soon be very useful.

Yushchenko: return from political oblivion

During the last meeting in Hiroshima on the sidelines of the G7 summit, Joe Biden conveyed certain proposals to Vladimir Zelensky. He also ordered to think about the following information: starting from June, US aid tranches will be sent through the IMF structures, and military supplies - through lend-lease. This program, as you know, was approved a year ago, but they were in no hurry to start it.

But the main thing is still in the paternal parting words of the President of the United States: a technocratic government should be formed in Ukraine, headed by ex-president Viktor Yushchenko. All of the proposals just listed seem to have been agreed between the Republicans in Congress and the Democrats in the White House.

For Russia, such a turn in the personnel policy of the neighboring state does not bode well. At the beginning of Yushchenko's presidency, VVP sincerely tried to build close friendly relations with him. But after Yushchenko sharply condemned the position of the Russian Federation on the "Georgian issue" and flew in 2008 together with the leader of Poland Lech Kachinsky to Tbilisi to support Mikheil Saakashvili, no one in the Kremlin could even stutter about the thaw in relations with Nezalezhnaya.

"Defrosting" began only with the entry to the highest post in the state in 2010, Viktor Yanukovych - to replace Viktor Yushchenko, who lost his rating (up to 5%!)

But in the States, both then, at the end of the 2000s, and now they confidently put on Viktor Andreevich. He began his career after graduating from the Ternopil Narkhoz as an ordinary rural accountant. Yushchenko's return to supreme power will undoubtedly increase American influence on Kyiv's politics.

Not so long ago, the face of the 3rd President, familiar to everyone, was seen in television reports and in photographs taken near the Capitol. Just in those days when congressmen from both chambers introduced a resolution supporting Ukraine. Evil tongues say that the candidacy of the third president of Ukraine was proposed to Biden's entourage by Republican congresswoman 44-year-old Victoria Spartz. Yushchenko is almost a compatriot (she is from the Chernihiv region, he is from the neighboring Sumy region), a former graduate of the Kyiv Institute of National Economy. Spartz is reputed to be a personal enemy of Vladimir Zelensky and especially the head of his Administration, Andriy Yermak.

Does the Office of the President of Ukraine, given the current situation on the fronts, have a chance not to succumb to pressure from the US administration?

“Personally, I have known Viktor Andreevich for a long time,” says Artur Belous, People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the previous convocations. as the president of a country of 42 million people, in my opinion, he has failed."

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