The ban on changing sex only by passport became a bill

The ban on changing sex only by passport became a bill

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin invited representatives of this department to a discussion. However, they were not inspired. We are not talking about a ban on gender reassignment, but only about prohibiting obtaining a passport for a different gender, without actually making a trans transition and operation, only on the basis of a medical report. Since the authorities believe that this is due to the unwillingness to serve in the army.

What is the reason for such legislative speed? To date, only 2,700 gender reassignment decisions have been officially announced in Russia. That is, the phenomenon is not at all mass. For conservative Russia especially. In general, the percentage of transsexuals in the human population is, in principle, small and unchanged - about 0.3%.

However, by and large, many of them cannot be considered true transsexuals, since the vast majority of them stop only at obtaining a passport for a new name. And they don't go under the knife.

What then is the point of change?

Personally, I am always for the freedom of choice and the free will of every person. Especially and above all, when it comes to himself. But there is a price to pay for every choice. When transgender people actively oppose this bill, they explain it in a very interesting way. "Forcing people to undergo medical operations to change documents but the other sex is barbaric."

And who is forcing?

If you cannot live in your body, if you are disgusted by your own primary and secondary sexual characteristics, then is it really enough just to change the documents so that everything settles down?

Isn't this the only way out - to have an operation, to get rid of the problem once and for all? An old passport gets in the way - so a person is born without a passport at all.

When people are ready to fight for their gender identity (and generally defend their own opinion), they really do not care how and what they have to go through. Under the knife - so under the knife.

Many years ago, I did an article about transsexuals who were in psychiatric hospitals, took serious hormonal drugs, were even ready to die - just not to remain the same.

They literally “gave birth” to new selves. With all the pain and complications of childbirth. But there were few of them.

Defended and suffered their right to change. Of course, it is much more comfortable and faster to simply change papers, having received a corresponding medical certificate in a couple of months for 20-60 thousand rubles. Was Misha, became Masha. Didn't like being Masha? He went again and became Misha - this is really practiced today. It's called detranchism. And so at least a hundred times. No problems or stress. But what about transsexualism?

Today in Russia there are no clear criteria for making this diagnosis. There is no connection between obtaining a medical certificate and gender reassignment. Change of documents does not oblige in the future to undergo a surgical sex change operation.

You can legally change gender as many times as you like.

Once in Russia, standards were prescribed for how long an alleged transsexual should be under the supervision of a psychiatrist, this was in the order of the Ministry of Health in 1999, but the order was canceled in 2012.

And so far, clinical guidelines, protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of transsexualism have not been approved. What private clinics earn very well. On the problems and sufferings of people who, for various reasons, consider themselves born in the wrong body.

A commission confirming the presence of transsexuality can be carried out by any medical organization that has three specialists, the diagnosis is made by a psychiatrist. “At the same time, after the Ministry of Health signed an agreement with WHO, psychologists were excluded from the gender reassignment commissions when considering these issues,” said Viacheslav Volodin.

Moreover, you can even sign up for a consultation in some centers online, and they are ready to send you prescriptions for hormones by e-mail.

It is allowed to start hormone therapy as the first stage of a transgender transition in the Russian Federation from the age of 15. The consent and presence of parents during the examination by a doctor is optional. If happiness depended on the change of documents, but then these people continue to suffer and suffer. So the problem is somewhere else?

By the way, transgender people themselves say that they have already found a way out - if the formal change of a passport without a change of sex is banned, then, as they say, they will agree on de jure operations. They will issue a certificate that everything is cut off or sewn on - and you can go to the passport office.

Inna Yambulatova, Executive Secretary of the Hippocratic Medical Forum: “The gender reassignment pandemic has been taking over the world in recent years. Moreover, in some countries, parents are prohibited from interfering with the process of determining the sex of a child. In some places, as early as the age of five, they suggest starting hormone therapy. In the opinion of experts, this is the immoral behavior of the medical community, which, for political or financial reasons, disfigures and maims children.

Sex reassignment, which occurs due to chromosomal disorders, is diagnosed and performed from the moment of birth according to compulsory medical insurance, it does not require any complex legal decision and a change of passport.

The issue of gender reassignment does not lie today in the medical plane, but exclusively in the field of politics and ideology of LGBT promotion. We know that the impact of this trend on the younger generation is extremely high.

According to our data, in recent years, the number of people wishing to change sex has increased significantly among adolescents due to the influence of subcultures. We must and have the right to protect our children and youth from the impact of destructive ideology. All this is in Presidential Decree No. 809 on the "Fundamentals of State Policy for the Preservation and Strengthening of Traditional Russian Spiritual and Moral Values."

From this point of view, the State Duma is taking an absolutely correct and timely step to prevent the destruction of the reproductive potential of the nation. Moreover, this ban will protect the rights of parents who now, if the child is 15 years old, do not even have the right to express their point of view or come to the doctor with him to understand what is happening.

Naturally, the Hippocratic Medical Forum cannot but respond positively to such an initiative. As for the immediate reasons why the Ministry of Health does not want to intervene, doctors certainly have their own reasons to disagree with the deputies. This is both the position of the WHO and the new ICD-11, where transsexualism is called a variant of the norm.”

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