Ten matches were played by participants of the Winter Football League on Sakhalin

Ten matches were played by participants of the Winter Football League on Sakhalin

Saturday on Sakhalin traditionally began with the Winter Football League. On March 18, ten matches were played within the framework of the tournament, the press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Sakhalin Region reported.

In the junior age group (born in 2014-2015), Sakhalin-2015-Favorit defeated SSH Sakhalin (Korsakov) - 10:1. The beginning of the defeat was put by Yaroslav Bernikov, who opened in the first minute. Then he scored another goal, becoming the author of the "double". Also "double" on the account of David Kim. "Hat-trick" - Sergei Lavrov. Pavel Voichenko, Mikhail Sukhov and Maxim Ho scored once each. "Favorite" won the fifth victory, and his opponent lost the fifth match.

Sakhalin-2014-Mars achieved a big advantage over Sakhalin-2014-Moneron - 9:0. Three goals from Arlen Nasipbekov, two each from Nikita Son and Matvey Popov, one each from Kirill Zaitsev and Dmitry Barannikov. The Martians are still playing like aliens. They have won seven games in a row with a crushing 119-1 goal difference.

Sakhalin-2014-Iturup turned out to be stronger than Sakhalin-2015-Fortuna - 4:0. X-factor of victory - Maxim Pak, who scored all four goals.

"Sakhalin-2014-Jupiter" removed "Omega-Sakhalin-2" from the road - 6:0. Timofey Kokushkov contributed two goals to this victory, Mikhail Boriskin, Timofey Logovoy, Nikolai Osadchuk, Artur Ushakov - one each. "Jupiter" has not missed two games, and his opponent, on the contrary, cannot score two matches in a row.

In the middle age group (2012-2013), Istok Aniva received a forfeit defeat from Sakhalin-2012-Giant (0:3). For the "giant" players, these are the first points scored after five major fiascos.

Omega-Sakhalin lost to Sakhalin-2012-Favorite (1:7). Everything was practically clear already in the middle of the first half, when Omega conceded four unanswered goals. For the rest of the time, the alignment of forces did not change. The main scorer of the match was Shodmehr Karimov (four goals). "Favorite" after a draw in the first round won the fifth match in a row and topped the standings of group "B". And "Omega" for the first time learned what defeat is.

"Sakhalin-2013-South" in a weak match defeated the "Sports School" from Poronaysk - 3:2. The Southerners won for the first time in five matches. And the players from Poronaysk are on a draw-lose-draw-lose schedule.

For Starshaki (born in 2010-2011), Sakhalin-2011-Meteor scored four goals in each half for SSH from Nevelsk - 8:0. This was done by Rodion Kuptsov, Vyacheslav Pelipenko, Sergey Kulakov (two each), Gleb Narynsky, Artem Tarasenko (one each). Meteor won for the sixth time in a row and topped the Group A standings, breaking the five-match unbeaten streak of the Nevelsk team.

Sakhalin-2011-Kometa lost for the ninth time in a row, firmly settling at the bottom of the standings. This time she missed seven unanswered goals from the "Sh them. N.P. Karpenko from Shakhtyorsk (three of them were scored by Bohdan Demura, two by Nikolai Bushuev, one each by Vladimir Boychenko, Danil Karmanov).

"Sakhalinochka-1" sent the Poronay "Sh" home without any points - 4:2. The winners have three goals scored by Yelizaveta Starchuk, one by Angelina Mantitskaya. The losers scored Denis Kabanov and Dmitry Levshin. Sakhalinochka-1, having lost five matches at the start, then celebrated the victory twice. Her opponent has not scored a single point in the last three matches.

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