Temporary mobilization points deployed in Moscow

Temporary mobilization points will open in Moscow in a number of city institutions. They are chosen on the basis of the availability of conditions for a comfortable stay of visitors in it, their transport accessibility and taking into account the proximity to already working military registration and enlistment offices. Transport will also be organized from the buildings of the military registration and enlistment offices to temporary mobilization points, reports Moscow City News Agency.

Temporary mobilization points will be opened, in particular, in

  • Museum of Moscow,
  • State Darwin Museum,
  • Viktyuk theater,
  • Museum of Heroes of Russia and the Soviet Union.

“The creation of temporary mobilization points will not only make it possible to comfortably organize the reception of visitors, but also ensure that there are no additional inconveniences for Muscovites living near military registration and enlistment offices,” the publication reports.

21 September President Vladimir Putin announced about partial mobilization. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that it is planned to call up 300 thousand people, despite the fact that the point on the required number of mobilized people in the decree is classified.

Later Ministry of Defense explainedthat citizens with higher education working in certain specialties in the banking and IT sectors, mobile operators, and also in the media will not be called up for military service. The military department also recalled that summonses are handed only in person, or sent by Russian Post to the address of registration.

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Maria Fedotova

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