Switzerland has imposed an embargo on the supply of military goods to Russia and Ukraine

Switzerland has imposed an embargo on the export of its weapons to Ukraine and Russia, should from the statement of the Ministry of Economy of the country. The department noted that the Federal Council adopted additional sanctions against Russia as part of the eighth package of EU sanctions.

The restrictions adopted by Switzerland include the legal basis for imposing cap prices on Russian oil and oil products, as well as restrictions on iron and steel products and goods of economic importance to Russia. The measures include a ban on the provision of a number of services to Russian companies and the government.

“The Federal Council has also imposed an arms embargo on Russia, which partially applies to Ukraine for reasons of Swiss neutrality. The arms embargo in Switzerland has so far been enforced mainly on the basis of existing legislation on the control of military materials and goods, ”the ministry notes.

In early October, the EU approved the eighth package of sanctions, one of the main measures of which was to limit the cost of oil. The price ceiling for crude oil will come into force on December 5, 2022, and for petroleum products on February 5, 2023. After that, European information chief Josep Borrell said earlier that the EU is not yet ready to discuss new sanctions against Russia.

Speaking at the forumRussian Energy Week» On October 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin again stressed that energy supplies to those countries that approve the price ceiling would be cut off. Before that, he repeatedly said that the introduction of restrictions would lead to an increase in energy prices. During the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), Putin said that the idea of ​​imposing a price ceiling on energy resources is "nonsense and nonsense."

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