Submarine "Magadan" carried out launches of "Caliber" missiles from the Sea of ​​Japan

The Russian diesel-electric submarine Magadan launched Kalibr cruise missiles at sea and coastal targets. They were carried out from the Sea of ​​Japan, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The first missile hit a sea target, which was a target shield imitating a surface ship of a mock enemy. The second missile hit a coastal target at the Surkum tactical field in the Khabarovsk Territory. The firing range exceeded 1000 km.

Before performing exercises, the submarine secretly entered a given area, from where it attacked target positions. The military department clarified that the firing was provided by ships and vessels, aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles of the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet).

The submarine "Magadan" was accepted into the Pacific Fleet in October 2021 in St. Petersburg. For the fleet, this is the third diesel-electric submarine capable of carrying Caliber cruise missiles. These missiles Russia is actively uses during the military operation in Ukraine.

Laura Keffer

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