Study: Russians save an hour of their lives thanks to remote work

According to a study by the US National Bureau of Economic Research, which took place in 27 countries in 2021 and 2022, on average, Russians began to save 73 minutes free time with the start of work remotely.

About the same amount of time was saved by residents of Egypt and the UK, and the average time in all 27 countries participating in the study was 73 minutes.

So, remote work gave the most free time to the residents of China, Japan and India - 102, 100 and 99 minutes, respectively. Meanwhile, residents of developed countries such as the United States, Germany and Canada found it harder to save time by working from home: on average, people from there received 55, 65 and 65 minutes of free time. Remote work gave the least useful time to the residents of Serbia - only 51 minutes.

As it turned out, 40% of the time saved by remote employees is spent on work, a third of the study participants are spent on leisure, and another 11% take care of sick relatives in their free time.

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