Students are encouraged to test their financial literacy

How to plan a personal budget, rationally manage income and avoid rash spending? What are loans? Do I need to insure bank deposits? What is passive income? Why do you need a financial airbag? This and many more tricks are now being taught to schoolchildren and students as part of the Financial Literacy program.

The Second FinSkills Championship, which started in the capital, is called upon to check how Moscow high school and college students learn the material, as well as to expand the knowledge of the children.. Teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 can take part in it.

According to Natalya Pivkina, an expert of the Center for Financial Literacy of the capital, within the framework of the championship, the children will receive broad theoretical knowledge in the classroom, and then, using practical examples, they will understand why a financial airbag is needed and how to create it, what passive income is, how to open a bank deposit correctly.

Also, teenagers will be told about the work that the Bank of Russia is doing to improve the financial literacy of young people, in particular, they will explain what paid subscriptions on the Internet are and how not to fall for them, how to avoid being drawn into financial pyramids, why loans should be treated very carefully and how to choose the best loan rate.

After the theoretical part, schoolchildren and students are waiting for practical tasks: they will be offered cases on financial literacy that will need to be solved.

Mona Platonov.

Photo by Moscow agency

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