Some Russians with a pension of less than 23 thousand rubles can receive additional payments

If a Russian’s pension accrued by the state does not reach the subsistence level or the social standard, they can increase it for him. So, on the website of the mayor of Moscow, the conditions for accruing additional money were listed.

Pensioners who have taken a well-deserved rest due to old age or long service, as well as disabled people and disabled children, can apply for funds.

If these are residents of the Moscow region, then if their pension is less than the Moscow subsistence minimum for a pensioner, which is 15,410 rubles, then they can receive an allowance up to this amount.

Those who have been registered in the capital for more than 10 years can increase their pension to the level of the city social standard - 23,313 rubles.

Similar support is provided in other regions of the country. fedpress.

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