SKA-Khabarovsk lost in the third match in a row, this time to Rodina

SKA-Khabarovsk lost in the third match in a row, this time to Rodina

The game again ended dry for the opponent of the army

It seems that the Khabarovsk army team is still unable to return from Turkey. Compared to what the team showed at the training camp, the game in the second part of the First League championship looks very pale. Prior to this game, the "red-blue" had played two matches which lost outright. Lost to Baltika Kaliningrad and Dynamo Makhachkala. What is depressing is not that they lost - this is football and no one is safe from such a development of events, but how they did it. The Khabarovsk team failed to score a single goal against two opponents.

Although we must pay tribute to the team of Roman Sharonov - she is gradually waking up. In this game with the Moscow "Motherland" on the field there was already some pattern, but the army team was ruined by a marriage in passes, an indistinct game in attack and some kind of general relaxation. However, there is almost no time left to “wake up a little”. Fans have already given up on getting into the top four, which they hoped for after the end of the first part of the season and are now ready to rejoice simply in the victory of their team. Any. But so far it hasn't worked.

It is worth noting that SKA-Khabarovsk has not appeared in Khabarovsk yet - the field heating system is being repaired and all home matches are played in the west of the country. Maybe this is also the reason that SKA, which is cut off from the roots, has not yet managed to play the way it did last fall. As for the third opponent of the army team, Rodina is not as simple as it might seem. Before the match with SKA, they beat "Shinnik" and "Arsenal" and moved from the relegation zone to the middle of the table and are not going to stop.

As for the game itself, all the goals against the army team were scored in the second half. The first on 81 minutes with a penalty awarded for handball, the second - already in stoppage time. It's sad that SKA can't score against their rivals for the third match in a row. Even a double replacement did not help in order to strengthen the attack. Another unpleasant thing is that Charles, who replaced Ishkhan Geloyan, stayed on the field for only a few minutes. The legionnaire received a serious shoulder injury and was forced to leave the lawn.

- Today there were several factors that we had to react to during the match, we even lost a player in the warm-up - a central defender. I think we didn't play the way we wanted in the first half, especially in defense. Therefore, Rodina created several dangerous moments. As for the attack, there were certain details in terms of the interaction of the players in certain areas ... it can be said that they were not fully implemented so that we attacked more aggressively. In the second half, we rebuilt and played better defensively. But the key moment of the match is the designated penalty kick, which influenced the result. Unfortunately, we could not respond to the missed goal with our own and missed a counterattack at the end. We had two injury-related substitutions today. Charles and Thomas - they knocked out due to injuries. When a substitution is forced, you don’t react to the game, but change the player who just left, so it’s hard to comment now how much the substitutions have strengthened the game, - said at the post-match press conference Roman Sharonov, head coach of FC SKA-Khabarovsk.

Nevertheless, SKA Khabarovsk still remains in sixth place in the standings, having the same 33 points with which it finished the first part of the championship. The same number of "Arsenal" going fifth, "Volgar" - the seventh and FC KAMAZ occupying the eighth line. FROM the fourth position, which is now "Alania" Vladikavkaz - seven points. The next match of the army team will also be held in St. Petersburg with the Krasnoyarsk Enisey.

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