Schoolchildren and students are invited to "Start in IT"

Schoolchildren and students are invited to "Start in IT"

The registration of schoolchildren and students for the Start in IT forum, organized by the Moscow Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy, has started. Registration will last until March 30, and the forum itself will be held from March 31 to April 4.

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What are we waiting for forum guests? Lectures on the development of the IT industry in Russia, master classes on introduction to the profession of an IT specialist, seminars on tools and methods of software engineering, acquaintance with various professions in the field of IT.

As Ekaterina Druganova, Chairman of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of the City of Moscow, noted, at the forum they will try to explain to young people what professions there are in the IT industry, they will tell you how to choose a career trajectory, what is the peculiarity of the work of an analyst, marketer and product manager.

“The forum participants will be able to try to solve the cases of employer companies, to understand how to develop in IT,” said Ekaterina Druganova. – In the process of solving cases, participants will be offered certain changes that affect the final result.

If on the first day of the forum its participants will have the so-called theoretical part - lectures, seminars, master classes, then on the second day the Spatial metaverse will be created for the guests. Young people will listen to a series of lectures on a virtual platform, create their own unique avatar, which can then be used in various digital services. Pupils and students will also have the opportunity to receive career counseling.

You can register for the forum in a special chat bot.

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