School No. 1368 hosted an exhibition of unique wooden handmade products

School No. 1368 hosted an exhibition of unique wooden handmade products

Down with gender stereotypes - under this "tacit motto" in Moscow school No. 1368 an exhibition of products made by the hands of students of a secondary educational institution was held. Young schoolgirls presented their wooden works as exhibits - caskets, Easter eggs, inlaid wooden paintings.

The initiator and organizer of the exhibition was Yuri Sotnikov, a teacher of technology at school No. 1368. He is also the head of the creative circle "Technology Workshop", which is attended mainly by girls. In the classroom, they work a lot with wood - sawing, planing, burning, painting, creating real masterpieces.

At the exhibition they presented about fifty wooden products created by their own hands. There were many works handed over in the style of intarsia - inlay on wood. The exposition also includes moving models, in particular, the figure of a lumberjack, which “comes to life” when you pull the strings, as well as a composition made in the style of a Bogorodsk toy, a composition of a man with a bear, who knock with hammers.

The masterpiece of the exposition was a decorative table for a flower pot, at the base of which were made not the usual legs, but silk threads.

After this exhibition, the participants of the creative circle "Technology Workshop" are going to start preparing the next exposition, which will be dedicated to the Victory Day.

Mona Platonov.

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