Sbermarket announced delivery from restaurants all over Russia

Sbermarket announced delivery from restaurants all over Russia

The delivery platform for goods and products Sbermarket, of which Sber is the majority shareholder, announced the expansion of cooperation with restaurants and cafes in cities across Russia. It is planned to deliver orders in all major cities of the country.

A press release from the company notes that delivery will be carried out from restaurants located both separately and in shopping centers. Restaurants will also be given the opportunity to order products from retailers represented at Sbermarket at a discount.

Sbermarket launched a food delivery service from restaurants and cafes in test mode at the end of 2022. It currently works with 500 restaurant brands and is represented in nine cities.

According to Infoline data for 2022, Sbermarket took first place in the ranking of food sales with a turnover of 103.5 billion rubles. Since November last year, the service switched to free shipping. At the end of August, a restructuring was carried out in the joint venture of VK and Sberbank O2O Holding, as a result of which Sberbank received food delivery service "Scooter". Then VK concluded an agreement with Yandex, under which the company transferred the service for the delivery of ready-made food and Delivery Club products.

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