SberDevices will present a budget smart speaker

SberDevices (part of the Sber ecosystem, withdrawn from Sberbank ownership in January) will present a line of smart speakers with Sber voice assistants, Salyut, on January 30, a source familiar with the details of the upcoming presentation told Kommersant. According to him, one of the columns will refer to the lower price segment: "SberDevices expects that it will attract the most attention from consumers." Since December 2022, the SberDevices website has been displaying a teaser page announcing “new smart devices.” Among the pictures and videos displayed in the announcement is a round printed circuit board with the SberDevices logo.

The company's product range includes smart devices in various designs, from SberPortal with a screen and camera to SberBox Time with a built-in analog clock. At the same time, the company does not have a classic smart speaker, similar to devices from Yandex and VK. Both companies entered the market first with full-sized smart speakers, and then released their compact, cheaper versions; the latest of them, "VK Capsule Neo", was introduced in December 2022.

Previously, SberDevices also issued documents for the import of laptops, tablets, personal computers and servers under its own trademarks. The company noted that the devices are intended for internal needs, but, according to Kommersant, several thousand tablets have already been delivered to Sberbank for testing and subsequent launch on the market.

More details - in the material "Kommersant" “There is no device from Sberbank.”

Yuri Litvinenko

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