Russian self-defense units are not given weapons: “A rifle gives birth to power”

Russian self-defense units are not given weapons: “A rifle gives birth to power”

Governor Gladkov on Friday said that during a terrorist raid on the territory of the Belgorod region on May 22, a member of the local self-defense was shot in the head. He did not die in battle, but was killed. According to Gladkov, the region has already formed seven full-fledged, trained self-defense battalions totaling three thousand people. That's just from the weapons they have - nothing but the desire to defend their home and homeland.

More than a year ago, it was clear to military experts, anti-terror specialists, military commissars, and simply caring citizens that armed self-defense units were needed in the conditional border area. It was written and talked about. Since last autumn, the detachments have even begun to prepare. Gladkov says they even prepared it.

But first, the Ukrainian DRG enters the Bryansk region for three kilometers, disguising itself, passing along secret paths. Remember, it was in March, when 10-year-old Fyodor, having been wounded, saved two girls?

Now here is an armed formation, for some reason called the DRG, not hiding on armored vehicles along the roads, attacking a border post, passing through and shelling villages, entering 10 kilometers. Takes off tik-toks, waving flags. And this is where the “notch line”, “dragon teeth” and other beauty are.

Of course, “during the counterterrorist operation, the national formations were blocked and defeated. The remnants of the nationalists were driven back to the territory of Ukraine, where they continued to be defeated until they were completely eliminated.

And now the "border" governors are beginning to talk about the need to arm self-defense. Because these governors, as they say, are on the ground, they have to answer to the people with deeds, and not with presentations.

The same Gladkov almost daily communicates with the inhabitants of the region. And now he says that it is necessary to legally resolve the issue of weapons for self-defense units. The governor of the Kursk region, Starovoit, also said that members of the territorial defense units should be given the right to use weapons in the region. And he even offered his own options on how to organize it.

But it's not about options. Their mass. Even the risky experience of Ukraine with the uncontrolled distribution of weapons to everyone who wants to go into the defense showed that there was no surge of banditry or crime (which our “experts” predicted) did not happen.

Yes, there were some excesses, but at the level of statistical error. And Ukraine as a result received thousands of people who know how to hold weapons in their hands. And we have, after all, the starting conditions for the issuance of weapons, one might say, are ideal - people are motivated, prepared and even proven.

And the point is not entirely in the bureaucracy, which, they say, does not know how to work quickly. We see how “within two or three hours they put everyone in their place” - they just started talking about some necessary law, and the very next day the Duma adopts it in three readings at once. Although there is a “bureaucratic” component here, it’s true that it will be necessary to do extra gestures for the sake of the people’s good and the defense of the country. And the people and their worries are not the reason to leave the spa.

The main reason why we still do not have armed self-defense units is bureaucratic fear, the question of the existence of bureaucracy in its current form. When an official for the most part is not a civil servant, but a master, a feudal lord. And only he decides who can defend the Motherland.

Deputy and General Kartapolov a month ago asked a revealing question in his frankness, to which he offered to answer the authorities before arming citizens: “Do we trust our people in terms of responsibility for the security of our border territories?” Kartapolov himself, let's say, trusts, but he outlined the essence of the problem. Following Lenin and Mao.

Mao formulated: "The rifle gives birth to power." Armed self-defense units are already a real civil society, this is already truly “we are the power here”. Which can make an official (as opposed to running around with yellow ducks, funny for the authorities) be what he should be - serving the people.

“We know that a different voice is now being raised among the masses of the people; they say to themselves: now there is no need to be afraid of a man with a gun, because he defends the working people and will be merciless in suppressing the rule of the exploiters. This is Lenin. Why we still do not have armed detachments ready to defend the family, home and country, you cannot say more clearly.

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