Russian scientists have found out how water can cause aging

Scientists from the Baltic Federal University. I. Kant and Chuvash State University. I.N. Ulyanova talked about the fact that water can cause aging. It is reported that when silicon compounds that are contained in drinking water or dietary supplements enter the human body, they can cause an immune response in the form of systemic inflammation, as a result of which start the process of premature aging. This was reported by the press service of the educational institution.

It is reported that experts studied the effect of water, which is enriched with silicon salts, on the body of laboratory animals. The experiment was repeated many times. As a result, it became clear that silicon is absorbed in the intestines from water-soluble silicates, and also has a systemic effect on the body.

“A daily intake of silicon with drinking water at a concentration of 10 mg/l, if you drink it on demand, in a few months initiates immunological inflammation and accelerates the natural aging of the body,” said Associate Professor of the Department of Fundamental Medicine of the Medical Institute of the IKBFU. I. Kant and candidate of medical sciences Valentina Gordova.

In addition, the expert noted that today it is impossible to stop the systemic inflammation that is started at the cellular level, which is started at the cellular level.

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