Russia has become a leader in the production of the most popular series for the domestic audience

Russia has become a leader in the production of the most popular series for the domestic audience

The Russian Federation has become the country producing the most popular TV series among Russians according to the Kinopoisk Pro index. Ksenia Boletskaya, director for interaction with the Yandex industry, spoke about this at a conference "Media space-2023: trends and transformations"organized by Kommersant Publishing House.

The index is a tool for assessing the popularity of series, which is based on data from Yandex and Google and reflects the level of interest in them from the domestic audience. “This is not only search data, this includes visits to the pages of series. We normalize all these data and convert them into points of interest,” Ms. Boletskaya explained.

According to her, sometimes the index shows unexpected results. For example, the top 20 most popular series in the first quarter of 2023 included the Japanese animated series Chainsaw Man (12th). “There is a huge audience that watches Japanese anime. And this is such a specific genre that online cinemas do not work with it very closely. He has a huge fan base, millions of subscribers on Kinopoisk, but, of course, this anime is watched mainly outside of legal sites, ”said Ksenia Boletskaya.

She noted a steady interest in many old series - the so-called ever green (“evergreen”, for example, “South Park”, “Magnificent Age”, “Breaking Bad”), but more viewers are still interested in premieres: “Increasingly The index includes TV series "Russia 1", which are designed for an older audience.

In April 2023, the most popular TV series among Russians were domestic productions - Olga (991 points of interest), Nevsky (888) and The King and the Jester (843), Ms. Boletskaya continued. In general, Russian films now occupy almost half of the positions in the top 20 of the Kinopoisk Pro index, and over the past two years their share has increased significantly. If in 2021-2022 Russia fought for leadership with the United States - both countries produced about 30% of the most popular TV series, then in March 2023, domestic films occupied 43% in the top of the index. The share of American TV series decreased to 22%. The third place is occupied by Japanese content (14%), the fourth - Turkish (7.5%). Rounding out the top five are South Korean TV shows (3%).

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