Renault signs biggest renewable energy purchase contract in French history

Renault signed the largest contract in French history for the purchase of renewable energy. As part of a deal with solar panel manufacturer Voltalia, all of Renault's French facilities will install solar panels.

The contract is for 15 years. In 2025, Voltalia will begin installing 100 MW solar panels at Renault facilities across France, with installations increasing to 350 MW from 2027. Observers notethat the contract was concluded against the backdrop of a sharp increase in energy prices caused by a reduction in fuel supplies from Russia and problems with the production of nuclear energy by Electricite de France.

Renault also entered into two other agreements as part of a program to increase the use of renewable energy sources and reduce carbon emissions from its enterprises. The partnership with Electricite de France's Dalkia division will allow the automaker to begin installing biofuel heating systems. And as part of a partnership with Engie, the Renault plant in Douai (30 km south of Lille) will receive energy from local geothermal sources, which should cover 70% of the energy needs of the entire plant.

Lada Sidorova

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