RBC: "United Russia" refused the annual congress in 2022

The United Russia party has decided not to hold its annual congress this year. About it RBC reported three United Russia. Now "the party is not ready to propose a strategic agenda," said a source close to the Kremlin. An interlocutor of RBC, close to the presidential administration, said that at the moment there is no time for congresses.

The last congress of United Russia was held in 2021.

Earlier, United Russia refused to hold a congress in 2020 amid the pandemic. Refusal to hold the congress would be a violation of the party's charter, explained electoral lawyer Yevgeny Poroshin.

The holding of the congress is spelled out in the charter of United Russia. The decision to convene the Congress is made at least one month before the day of its holding. So far, no decisions have been made on the holding of the congress.

Mr. Poroshin explained that the refusal to hold a congress in itself is not the basis for serious sanctions, such as, for example, the suspension of the party. However, such a refusal may be a reason for a warning from the Ministry of Justice.

RBC sent a request to the press services of United Russia and the Ministry of Justice, but no comments were promptly received from them.

Maria Fedotova

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