Radicals defiled the church in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra with a wild concert

The Orthodox of Ukraine were outraged by this Sabbath

The recent transfer to the "competitors" from the OCU of two extremely important for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church churches of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - the Holy Assumption Cathedral and the Refectory Church - was marked by another high-profile scandal. A "patriotic concert" was staged in the Refectory Church, which had a pronounced militaristic character. The audience was "regaled" with passages set to unpretentious motives like: "A Muscovite is coming to our huts" or "We pour enemy blood like water, for freedom."

The “Orthodox support group” on the social network reacted very sharply to the event: “Believing people are well aware of the prophecies of the holy elders of the ancient Russian city of Kyiv: on the eve of the end of the world and the Apocalypse, the Lavra and other Orthodox shrines will be desecrated.” “Such a sabbath, which was arranged by the authorities in the refectory church taken away from the believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, was not arranged even during the time of the Bolshevik atheists!”

Deputy General Director of the National Reserve "Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra" Konstantin Krayny "found nothing seditious and criminal" in this concert. Say, "some people themselves whip up hysteria." According to him, the concert was held in the Refectory - in a place where the monks of the Lavra ate, not prayed.

Meanwhile, the Refectory Church on the Dnieper slopes is reputed to be one of the prayer places, which has stood in its original form since the end of the century before last. The temple in honor of the founders of the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery Theodosius and Anthony of the Caves was erected in 1893-1895 according to the project of academician of architecture Vladimir Nikolaev. The building in the Russian-Byzantine style was hardly conceived for concerts of secular amateur performances.

Behind the left kliros of the Refectory Church there is an icon of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called with a particle of the saint's relics. Nearby you can see the restored grave of the Prime Minister of the Russian Empire Pyotr Stolypin, who was killed in Kyiv and buried in 1911

Not surprisingly, in the comments under the video, Ukrainians dispute the official's excuses. “In this part of the Refectory Church, people went to confession,” one user wrote. – When the Refectory Church was full of people, this part was filled too. The temple is a house of prayer and there should be silence and peace in it; it is a place of solitude and conversation with God. It hurts to watch what's going on right now. Are there really few venues in Kyiv where you can arrange discos?”

“God, I want to scream in pain,” another user commented on the video. – What is this going on? Lord, forgive me!"

By the way, clouds of crows circling over the city have been discussing in Kyiv for days. Experts are looking for various explanations for this eerie phenomenon. Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, also offered his version. “Who knows, maybe this is a response to state-sponsored blasphemy – the destruction of churches and the persecution of priests,” he wrote on the social network.

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