Putin: Russia behaves in a civilized manner in relation to the outgoing foreign business

Putin: Russia behaves in a civilized manner in relation to the outgoing foreign business

Russia behaves much more civilized in relation to foreign business that leaves the country, compared to how some states act in relation to the Russian Federation. This was stated by the country's President Vladimir Putin at meeting with Delovaya Rossiya.

According to the president, in the 1990s the Russian market was given over to foreign corporations, with which domestic producers could not compete. The departure of foreign business after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Putin commented on the proverb “if there were no happiness, but misfortune helped.” Foreign companies, now leaving the Russian market, are leaving “for a pittance, or just like that” the infrastructure, standards, and often trained personnel, Putin explained.

“We are not going to reward them with some kind of excess capital... You know the tools that the state uses, counting arrests and so on. Therefore, we behave in a much more civilized manner than those who apply restrictive measures against Russia,” he said.

Now, the President noted, Russian business faces the task of not being limited to the domestic market alone. Putin pointed to rising consumption standards and demand for new goods and services in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

“Because of its scale and huge prospects, this is a real market of the future. And it is in this market that Russian business – young, flexible, but already well-trained – can successfully compete, fight for a buyer,” he added.

In March, Putin said the Russian economy was back on a growth trajectory. According to him, positive dynamics have been observed since July 2022. The President attributed this to the development of niches vacated after the departure of Western companies by domestic businesses and the development of ties with the growing countries of the East and South. At the same time, he urged civil servants not to relax, since the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation could negatively affect the economy in the medium term.

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