Putin named the fight against extremism among the priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Kommersant

Putin named the fight against extremism among the priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Kommersant


At a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, President Vladimir Putin listed the priority areas of the department’s work. He instructed the ministry, among other things, to maintain public order and fight extremism.

“I ask you to pay special attention to such priorities as ensuring public order, combating extremism and suppressing illegal migration, the work of local services, as well as the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to neutralize organized crime,” Mr. Putin said (quoted by TASS).

According to him, in 2023 in Russia the number of crimes using IT technologies increased by almost 30%. “There were about 680 thousand of them, and the damage exceeded 156 billion rubles. It is necessary to seriously improve the mechanisms for combating offenses in this area and to work proactively,” the president ordered.

He also noted a negative trend in the increase in the number of serious and especially serious crimes. The president did not say what this might be connected with, but called for a “prompt response” to this. “It is necessary to continue to strive to increase the detection rate of corruption and other crimes, including those that remained unsolved in previous years,” Vladimir Putin urged.

At the same time, he drew attention to the reduction in the number of crimes in public places and on transport facilities. “But, as we see, preparedness for emergency situations needs to be constantly increased,” added the head of state.

On March 22, in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow, a group of armed men opened fire and started a fire. As a result, 144 people died, suffered over 500. A criminal case has been opened regarding a terrorist attack. The FSB announced the detention of 11 people the very next day. Among them are four suspected terrorists. Court sent Ten defendants in the case are already under arrest. Mister Putin promised find all the beneficiaries and those who ordered the attack on Crocus.

Read about the progress of the criminal case in the Kommersant publication. “The terrorist attack will bring it to Kyiv”.

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