Putin began a meeting with the mothers of participants in the military operation

Putin began a meeting with the mothers of participants in the military operation

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with mothers of servicemen participating in the military operation. The meeting is dedicated to Mother's Day. In his opening speech, the President emphasized that the choice made by the participants in the military operation was also the result of their patriotic upbringing. Mr. Putin called these servicemen heroes.

He also urged relatives of military personnel not to trust the information about the hostilities distributed on the Internet. In his opinion, there are a lot of “fake and informational attacks” on the network.

“It is clear that life is more complex and diverse than what is shown on TV screens or even on the Internet, nothing can be trusted there at all ... taking into account modern technologies, this has become especially relevant and effective. Information is also a weapon of struggle,” the president said during the event.

Vladimir Putin also promised the relatives of the military that all the issues discussed during today's meeting would be taken into account and "used in real life." “When I am with them (military personnel.— "b") sometimes I say - I spoke on the phone with some, directly with the guys directly. In any case, I spoke with those who also surprised me with their mood, their attitude to the matter, ”the president spoke about his experience of communicating with military personnel.

On November 7, Vladimir Putin announced that wanted to meet with citizens to discuss support for the mobilized. A separate meeting of the president with the military, as emphasized by his press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin is not scheduled.

Andrey Sapozhnikov

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