Public activists offered their options for solving the problem of covid air vouchers

Public activists offered their options for solving the problem of covid air vouchers

In particular, they are offered to be exchanged for miles.

Public experts offered several solutions to the problems of those who did not have time to use vouchers issued in exchange for tickets for flights that did not take place due to covid restrictions. The fact is that after a three-year period from the date of the failed departure, neither passengers nor companies have a choice - they have to pay, which is often unprofitable for either one or the other.

Ilya Zotov, Chairman of the All-Russian Association of Passengers, pointed out several reasons why it was beneficial for holders of vouchers to use them. In particular, some airlines offered 15-20% discounts to their owners. But most importantly, today the same flight in the cabin of the same class will cost much more than it did three years ago. He pointed to another reason for the reluctance to part with vouchers: many hoped that when the pandemic was over, the restrictions would be lifted and it would be possible to go to Europe, where many aspired. But in connection with the NWO, it is still impossible to fly directly to Europe. Therefore, one of the measures proposed by the public is to extend the validity of vouchers for a year.

Another option is to exchange vouchers for upgrades or miles. By the way, there has already been such an experience: after the removal of covid restrictions and the gradual resumption of air traffic at the initiative of social activists, individual airlines held the “Vaccinated Miles” campaign, passengers received 10,000 miles for vaccination (however, they had to pay another 1.5-2 thousand rubles.) .

Recently, social activists have addressed these and similar proposals to the Ministry of Transport of Russia, but have not yet received a response.

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The "tickets for vouchers" rule came into effect on July 7, 2020. The new rule put at the discretion of the carrier whether to pay the passenger immediately, or give him a voucher, which can later be exchanged for an equivalent ticket. Such a measure was introduced in order not to bring down the domestic aviation industry, which would be a disaster for the largest country in the world by area. The same scheme would work here as with the bank, from which all customers would decide to withdraw their savings: it would burst. By the way, similar measures were introduced in other countries. The rule applies to all tickets that were purchased before May 1, 2020, it applies to all flights between China and Russia canceled from February 1, 2020, as well as all other domestic and international flights that were canceled from March 18, 2020. The "May 1" rule does not apply to flights that were canceled after this date, provided that the tickets were purchased earlier. If the ticket was purchased, for example, on May 2, then the passenger may demand a refund for it according to the previous rules.

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