Psychologist Levina shared a "very good" technique to combat anxiety

Psychologist Ksenia Levina in a conversation with the radio station "Moscow Speaks" told about ways to deal with anxiety.

“If something is disturbing in the moment, there is ... a very good technique - the four elements,” the psychologist said.

She described exactly what needs to be done. “For example, air: this is to breathe, take a deep breath with your stomach, imagine that you are inflating a balloon.”

The second element, as the specialist recalled, is fire. It is associated with warmth.

“In case of anxiety, it is recommended to warm up,” Levina said.

Another element is water - that is, you need to drink water.

And the fourth element is earth. “We ground ourselves,” the psychologist said and explained that “by noticing what is happening around us,” we must “notice three sounds, three smells, three colors around us.”

So, according to her, "we return our stability in the moment."

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