Premiere of the play "Very Funny Guys" at the Russian Song Theater

On November 25 and 26, the Russian Song Theater will host the premiere of the play Very Funny Guys. The director and author of the play was Nina Chusova. The production designer of the performance is Evgenia Shvets. Leading artists of the Russian theater and cinema are busy. The performance closely intertwines Soviet musical hits by Isaac Dunayevsky with folk songs and ditties.

The performance “Very Funny Guys” is the fourth joint work of director Nina Chusova and the Russian Song Theater, the first three - “Chasing Two Hares”, “The Night Before Christmas” and “Women's Rebellion in Our Collective Farm” - are performed at the theater with constant success .

The musical comedy "Very Merry Boys" is a fantasy about how the film "Merry Boys" was filmed (the first musical comedy film (1934)). There is no historical truth here, even the names of the main characters are different. But there are plenty of comical situations and vivid memorable characters.

Nina Chusova, stage director of the performance: “The audience will plunge into the atmosphere of a real Soviet health resort “Friendship of Peoples”, where Comrade Byvalova, the head physician, is the head, Nadezhda Georgievna Babkina herself plays her. Movies are filmed on the territory of this health resort. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the film crew will have to re-shoot the final shots of the film without the main actors. How will this happen?"

Artistic director of the Russian Song Theatre, People's Artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina: “I play a boss named Byvalova, who believes that there are no real talents among employees and among vacationers. Everyone is afraid of her, so they decide to shoot the film in secret. As a result, it turns out that local amateur performances are much more talented than professional artists who did not arrive on time. All these intricacies, of course, are accompanied by a lot of funny collisions, incredible plot twists and wonderful, kind humor.

In the play are involved:

People's Artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina

Honored Artist of Russia Olesya Zheleznyak (25.11)

Honored Artist of Russia Nikolai Dobrynin (25.11)

Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin (26.11)

Valentina Rubtsova (26.11)

Ivan Zamotaev

Artists of the theater "Russian Song"

The premiere will take place:

November 25 and 26 at 19.00

Olympic Avenue 14

MGAT "Russian Song"

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