Preferential prescriptions in Moscow began to issue for a year

A pilot project has begun in Moscow polyclinics to provide patients who need long-term treatment with preferential prescriptions valid for up to one year.

Now Muscovites who are entitled to receive medicines free of charge or at a discount and need their long-term course, will not need to go to the clinic for a new prescription every time. They will be able to immediately receive a "reusable" electronic prescription. This was announced on the official site mayor of Moscow.

It will be possible to receive medicines according to reusable prescriptions at pharmacies at polyclinics or at the Pharmacies of the Capital network throughout the year once a month or once every three months - the frequency in the prescription itself will be indicated by the attending physician.

At the pharmacy, in order to get the medicine, you will need to present the QR code of the prescription in electronic or printed form. The compulsory medical insurance policy of the person for whom the medicine is prescribed is also suitable. And you can print the QR code of the prescription at the information kiosk of the clinic (you will need the original medical policy for this).

The preferential electronic prescription itself and detailed information about it can be viewed in the patient's electronic medical record on, in the EMIAS.INFO mobile application, and in the infomats of polyclinics.

Alena Bodrienko.

Photo by Moscow agency

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