Pope: homosexuality is a sin, but not a crime

Pope Francis has criticized laws criminalizing homosexuality and called them unfair. He stated that homosexuality is a sin, but not a crime.

In an interview with AP, the pontiff said "God loves all his children for who they are" and urged Catholic bishops to welcome LGBT people to church. “Being homosexual is not a crime. Yes, it's a sin. But first, let's begin to distinguish between sin and crime. Not showing mercy to each other is also a sin,” he said.

This is not the first time Pope Francis has raised this topic. After his election to the throne in 2013, he said: “If a person who is gay and seeks God is a person of good will, then who am I to judge him?” In 2018, he said that parents should not judge children if they confess to being gay. He urged in this case to pray and engage in dialogue.

Laura Keffer

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