Playing for fun: Karpin spoke about preparing for the match with Kyrgyzstan

Without tournament tasks, you can afford bold experiments

On Friday, September 23, the Russian national team held a pre-game training session on the field of the Dolon Omurzakov Stadium in Bishkek. After the session, midfielder Daniil Fomin and head coach Valery Karpin answered the journalists' questions.

“We will play for our own pleasure and, of course, try to fulfill the tasks of the coach. It is always a pleasure for me to play for the national team, to go on the field in its uniform. It is a great honor and privilege to play in the national team,” said Daniil Fomin, appointed captain by Karpin in the upcoming match.

- Do you have any cultural program planned in Bishkek? journalists asked him.

We had a walk during the day. We walked around the city a little, looked at it. Even from the windows of the bus, when we went to training at the stadium, there was an opportunity to see something. But there wasn't much free time. We came here to play football.

- What is the motivation for you to play in the national team if it does not take part in any international competitions and tournaments? And so it will be for some time. What is the motivation for this match with Kyrgyzstan?

We got together for the first time in a long time. There is both motivation and mood to play for the national team. Nothing else is needed - you were called up to the national team, this is the motivation.

- How do you like the field of the Dolon Omurzakov stadium?

- Lawn of normal quality.

After this question, Fomin went to the bus to other players. And the team's head coach Valery Karpin continued to answer questions from journalists.

- What do you know about the opponent, what have you learned?

- Somehow we did not intend to study it in depth and do not want to. The main points of the tactical scheme were dismantled. We are more repulsed by our players. For me, this is the first match. In which you can try something new, experiment. Even take a little risk. In previous matches there was a tense struggle for tournament points, for every goal, and there was no time for experiments. Therefore, tomorrow we will play our tasks. Regardless of how the opponent will be located on the field.

- Have you already decided who will be at the gate tomorrow?

- Yes.

- How is the mood of the players in connection with all the latest events?

- Everyone is in a normal, good mood. Everyone is smiling, training with great desire. Even at the theoretical lesson, where there is usually deathly silence before important matches, today there was noise and din when I entered the practice room.

- Zobnin said that he himself asked you not to call him to the national team. Were there other players like this?

No, no one else has asked for this. Zobnin asked because he has health problems and needs some medical treatment. I accept such requests absolutely calmly. If someone cannot play in the national team for certain reasons, or even more so, it does not make sense to persuade him. The situation with Zobnin will not affect his future calls to the national team.

The match between the national teams of Russia and Kyrgyzstan will take place on September 24 at 17:00 in Bishkek. The game will be shown live on the Match TV channel.

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