Peskov responded to Macron's call to punish Russia for missile attacks on Ukraine

Russia can accept the statements of French President Emmanuel Macron condemning the strikes on Ukraine, if the strikes on the Donbass are also condemned, said the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“We are ready to accept such statements only if similar statements condemn Ukrainian artillery strikes on civilian objects and on residential premises in the Donbass, which have been taking place since 2014. We have not heard a single condemnation from the French leadership,” the Kremlin spokesman said. .

Macron previously tweeted that he condemned the Russian strikes on targets in Ukraine, noting the inadmissibility of strikes on civilian targets.

Ministry of Defense confirmed infliction of massive strikes on infrastructure facilities of Ukraine on November 23. At the same time, the department clarified that not a single blow was inflicted on Kyiv. According to the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov, all the destruction reported by the Ukrainian authorities and local media is associated with the fall of foreign and Ukrainian air defense missiles located in residential areas of Kyiv.

Peskov also today clarifiedthat the Russian military does not strike at social facilities on the territory of Ukraine.

The Russian military has been attacking Ukraine's critical infrastructure since October 10. Russian President Vladimir Putin, during an operational meeting with members of the Security Council on October 10, said that such a decision was made in response to Ukrainian attempts at terrorist attacks on Russian territory, including an explosion on the Crimean bridge. He emphasized that the reaction to such actions would be tough.

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