Perm deputies proposed to introduce censorship and involve the Russian Orthodox Church for patriotic education

The deputies of the Perm Duma at the next plenary session devoted more than an hour to discussing the patriotic education of children and youth. The parliamentarians proposed to the local administration to strengthen the block responsible for work in this direction. Also, according to the deputies, it is worth paying more attention to the development of youth movements in the city, including the new RDDM "Movement of the First", and the creation of infrastructure for them not only in the center, but also in the districts.

United Russia MP Vladimir Plotnikov said that censorship should also be introduced. The man believes that it will contribute, in particular, to the correct selection of leaders of urban youth associations. “Into these our palaces and places where we educate young people, “navalniki” can seep in and tell our children that “Dom-2” is good, that Morgenstern (rap artist Alisher Morgenstern, recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent.— ''b'') - this is good. Therefore, we need people who would explain the normal ideology to our children. We really need censorship,” the deputy said.

In addition, he considers it possible to involve representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church in work with youth. “There is a fight going on between the devil and God, you understand? I mean, the devil is the West, which imposes "blueness" on us, and that's all. We need normal human values. It is necessary that the priests also take part, because we have a very weak religion,” the parliamentarian concluded his speech.

Alexey Gribanov, deputy head of Perm for social issues, agreed that it is necessary to strengthen the administration's sector for working with youth. However, even now, according to him, programs for patriotic education are being actively implemented in Perm. “Slowly, our youth is waking up. There is more patriotism than before,” the deputy head of the city noted.

About how the Russian movement of children and youth acquired a name - in the material "Kommersant" "The First Ones Become the Only Ones".

Ekaterina Artemova, Perm

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