Parents of schoolchildren will be able to take the exam with their children

The Moscow Center for the Quality of Education offers parents of school graduates to take trial Unified State Exams together with their children. The first such “probe” in the Russian language will be held on November 26th.

In fact, this is not quite the Unified State Examination, but the citywide test in the format of the final exam. But in form and content it is very reminiscent of the Unified State Exam, that is, checking at the entrance, handing over all bags, mobile phones and other gadgets, seating in classrooms one at a time, receiving individual control and measuring materials. However, if 11th-graders write papers at the examination points, their parents will be able to do it at the Center for Independent Diagnostics of the Moscow Center for Educational Quality.

To write a Russian language test in the USE format, parents need to register. Limited number of seats.

Mona Platonov.

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