Over 2 million people voted in United Russia primaries - Kommersant

Over 2 million people voted in United Russia primaries - Kommersant

As of Thursday morning, May 25, more than 2 million people took part in United Russia's (ER) preliminary party vote to select candidates for deputies at all levels. Sergei Perminov, deputy secretary of the party's general council, spoke about this at the round table of the Expert Institute for Social Research on the course of the primaries.

According to him, the number of voters registered through the "Gosuslugi" has already exceeded 2.8 million (registration ends on May 26). “The area where we are voting is home to approximately 23 million people. This means that as of this morning, more than 12% of the voters who will take part in the elections on September 10 have registered in our system. I think that this is a great, excellent result,” said Mr. Perminov. The turnout of the total number of voters, thus, has already exceeded 8%, United Russia added.

Recall that the primaries of United Russia are held in 55 subjects of the Russian Federation within 183 election campaigns. In September, 3.5 thousand mandates of various levels will be played there. According to Sergei Perminov, in the legislative assembly elections, the average competition for the seat of a "candidate for candidates", that is, for the right to run for United Russia, is 7.5 people. It reaches the highest value in the Ulyanovsk (14.9), Ivanovo (11.9), Arkhangelsk (10.3) and Irkutsk (10.3) regions. In elections to the representative bodies of the administrative centers of the regions, the competition averages 5.5 people per seat, the maximum figure is in Arkhangelsk (9.4), Yakutsk (7.7) and Ryazan (7.6). Finally, in the elections for the mayor of Khabarovsk, the competition is 12 people per seat, and in the by-elections to the State Duma in Crimea - 20.

Deputy Secretary of the General Council of United Russia also said that the gender ratio of participants in the primaries is 44% to 56% in favor of men. Last year, there were slightly fewer women - 41%. 36% of participants are young people (under 35), while only 48% are party members (last year there were 45% party members). Another 19% of the candidates are supporters of the EP (it was 12%), and 33% are non-party (it was 43%). Sergei Perminov called the last two categories of participants "a block of those who are not indifferent - those who want the development of their country." He also stated that only 14% of the participants in the primaries are active deputies. Last year they were 15%.

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